Saturday, June 20, 2015

Origins 2015 Report

Overall a great show. The vendor hall was humming with lots of new products. I believe everyone has figured out where WizKids and some of the large companies have moved. Some of the card only vendors have moved into the hallways outside of the area where the card tournaments are taking place. Strangely, the oyster picking place was still there.

Maybe its just because I am getting older but it sure seems like there are fewer places to sit and congregate than in years past. The other major issue is that registration is still way slower than it needs to be, especially the on-site registration. Both registration lines move slower than Ohio BMV lines (number 1 baby!) but the BMV is doing way more than getting you a badge to play games.

Overall a lot of fun. I saw Rodney Smith of "Watch it Played", Tom Vassel, and Zee Garcia (the Dice Tower) as well as all the normal vendors (Lou Zocchi had fun talking to my 9 year old daughter).  I think the people I meet there are my favorite part.

See you next year!

What I bought

Cthulhu - Hastur la Vista - Twilight Creations
Q Workshops Cthulhu Dice Set
Epyllion - the Drake Edition
Run, Fight or Die!
Roll for It!
Zombicide Scenario Book
Zombicide Plastic Counter set
Mice and Mystics: Dornwood Tales
Hobbit Tales
Strike a Pose
Dice Ring

What I almost bought:
Collapsing wood dice tower and tray combo
Sergeants Miniatures Game

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