Sunday, August 28, 2016

More Dungeon Saga miniatures

I finished some more minis for the base set of Dungeon Saga. All that is left to paint are 2 Armored Skeletons, the 4 Heroes and a book. A slightly less warped table starts us off.
A dark and mysterious door...wonder where it leads?
Various chests.
Barrels full of loot or wine or whatever...
Closer look at a single chest.
Dwarf Revenant front and rear view
Dwarf Revenant

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Lectern for the book I mentioned.
Good old fashioned zombie.
Throne for the Grund the Dwarf King
Grund the Dwarf King
Side view of Grund

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Latest Miniatures

These are the latest miniatures I have finished painting. The first two are from the Dungeon Saga core set. The final one is a rare (these days) metal Reaper miniature.

The first is the evil Necromancer from Dungeon Saga. His pose is caught in the act of raising a skeleton to bring down the party.

The next is the Zombie Troll Shaman. He looks to be a handful of undead, regenerating, and spell casting. He is mounted on the extra wide base and stands nearly two inches tall.

The last one is a good old-fashioned knight from Reaper. This was a two piece figure that required a pin to hold it together. I wanted to paint him as a knight in a brass or bronze looking armor. Maybe he will be an ally of the goblins I painted from Frostgrave.

Sweet New Dice

These are the new dice I received from the Polydice Hero Warriors Kickstarter. They are 20 sided shield, 12 sided helmet, 2 10 sided cesti (percentage), 8 sided mace, 6 sided sword and 4 sided dagger.