Monday, November 21, 2016

Finally 40k

I have never played Warhammer 40k. The cost in money and time of building an army was too high for me especially when none of my gamer circle was going to build an army to play against. Well, now there has been a slight shift in my view of 40k based on the introduction by Games Workshop of the Warhammer 40k Killteam boxed set.

The idea of Killteam (KT) is that you build a 200 point force for smaller tactical engagements. So far, the forces I have seen built for KT range from 4 to 40 models. The boxed set comes with enough Space Marines for 200 points and enough Tau for about 140 points. Also included are painting guides, a KT rulebook and mini version of the full 40k rulebook as KT uses most of the combat mechanics of 40k and all of the point values. My buddy and I each picked up a set for fifty bucks and I gave him the Tau and he game me the Space Marines.

The first thing I did before assembling the models is research how to get my Marines to as close to 200 points as possible. A few days and spreadsheet later I was able to build two squads, each with a veteran sergeant, one with a special weapon, one with a heavy weapon and each sergeant with a combi-weapon.

Then I built the squads and started painting them. Since I had very little knowledge of the chapters or codices I decided to paint them in Cthulhu themed colors. Below is the work in progress picture of the main sergeant.

 Below is squad two on the ground floor. The special weapons squad with a flamer. They are set on a piece of terrain I built for Frostgrave.

Below is the first squad with heavy weapon. 

The picture of the whole group of Adaptus R'lyeh.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The last of the Dungeon Saga basic set

Barbarian warrior
The book...possibly the smallest individual item I have painted.
Everyone needs an elf ranger.
Dwarf warrior

weapon rack
Alchemist cabinet
Skeletal warriors

Sunday, August 28, 2016

More Dungeon Saga miniatures

I finished some more minis for the base set of Dungeon Saga. All that is left to paint are 2 Armored Skeletons, the 4 Heroes and a book. A slightly less warped table starts us off.
A dark and mysterious door...wonder where it leads?
Various chests.
Barrels full of loot or wine or whatever...
Closer look at a single chest.
Dwarf Revenant front and rear view
Dwarf Revenant

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Lectern for the book I mentioned.
Good old fashioned zombie.
Throne for the Grund the Dwarf King
Grund the Dwarf King
Side view of Grund

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Latest Miniatures

These are the latest miniatures I have finished painting. The first two are from the Dungeon Saga core set. The final one is a rare (these days) metal Reaper miniature.

The first is the evil Necromancer from Dungeon Saga. His pose is caught in the act of raising a skeleton to bring down the party.

The next is the Zombie Troll Shaman. He looks to be a handful of undead, regenerating, and spell casting. He is mounted on the extra wide base and stands nearly two inches tall.

The last one is a good old-fashioned knight from Reaper. This was a two piece figure that required a pin to hold it together. I wanted to paint him as a knight in a brass or bronze looking armor. Maybe he will be an ally of the goblins I painted from Frostgrave.

Sweet New Dice

These are the new dice I received from the Polydice Hero Warriors Kickstarter. They are 20 sided shield, 12 sided helmet, 2 10 sided cesti (percentage), 8 sided mace, 6 sided sword and 4 sided dagger.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

More fun terrain pieces

Some more miniature terrain pieces for use in DnD and Frostgrave. The skulls are enhancements from a Safari Ltd. Toob.
A flaming brazier made from an LED tea light. I actually made four of these. They are lit and they flicker.
A mammoth tusk repaint.
The ape skull with gems set in the eyes.
My favorite, the smilodon skull.
A wooly rhino skull.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Frostgrave Objective Markers

These are some Bonez figures that I have painted and based ready for use as objective or treasure markers in Frostgrave.

The evil statue of doom.
You never know what riches are within these crates!
pillar of doom with scale ruler. Each line is one inch.
And there has to be a good pillar.
Again, for scale.
Could be some really good bourbon in there.