Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dungeonpocolypse - part 2

The action continues into the second period. The Alliance musters the troops and opens the three doors into the next area. The area is a single large room with a single door in the north-east corner of the room. There are four balconies on the north wall covering the entire room on which are perched a mixture of archers and flame skulls. The floor of the room is populated by six assorted golems. There is also a fountain in the room. The cry of "get 'em" was heard and the forces of the alliance poured into the room.

The fight went well at this point the Golems and their covering fire did manage to damage the Alliance forces some but ultimately they overwhelmed the area. A couple of surprises discovered by the players were that Golems were pretty much immune to spells and Flame Skulls were immune to fire and cold. The fountain was a surprise as well in that it provided some needed healing.

The forces were once again mustered and through the single door they marched. One by two, and through and through...into a long narrow hallway running east to west along all three tiles. The single Blood Ghost Berserker was no real match for the tide of adventurers but more clogging and unclogging occurred before the group was able to move to the real meat of the area. A wide corridor running west to east populated by all manor of melee prowess and magic support as well as a Beholder. Many characters were wounded, a few were killed and one now commemorates the hall with an amazing statue in his honor. The support for the Beholder was removed when the party hit two unlucky dice rolls in a row. The first was the DM roll to determine the eye stalk power used by the Beholder. The power was a DC 17 save vs Petrification. The second roll was the attempted save by Casey for his Warrior which he could only fail on a one.  He had rolled stellar all night but not this time. Shortly thereafter his compatriots destroyed the Beholder and healed those that needed it. Here ends part two

Defeated List from Part Two

5 Flame Skulls
6 Hobgoblin Archers
5 Hobgoblin Sargents
1 Demonic Gnoll Archer
1 Clay Golem
2 Stone Golems
2 Berserk Flesh Golems
1 Iron Golem
1 Blood Ghost Berserker
1 Cleric of Lagozed
1 Drow Guard
2 Drider Sorcerers
2 Formorian Giants
4 Feral Minotaurs
1 Beholder

Gone but not Forgotten

Tri Kreen Barbarian
Aspect of Kord
Elven Ranger
Wemic Barbarian

Those who were there, did I miss something? Do you wish to add your heroic tale of triumph? Just post them to the comments below. And I need better pictures!

Above: The swarm begins on the Clay and Stone Golems.
Below: View of the death march 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Nerdy YouTube Gems

In the past I've pointed out some cool nerdy movies available on Netflix. This time I am focusing on movies/shows that you can watch on Youtube. Most of these are broken into eight to ten minute episodes but keep you eyes open for the long versions especially the first three. All of these can be found on the Dead Gentlemen Productions channel.

The Gamers - The original spoof on gamers. College guys yuck it up while adventuring to find and defeat the Shadow! All the embarrassing glory of a DnD game without actually being there. Sound and special effects are really poor but the dialog really makes this movie.

The Gamers: Dorkness Rising - The "sequel" to the original but only in spirit. Better overall quality of sound and special effects. Some say its not as funny as the original but I actually enjoy it more.

The Gamers: Hand of Fate - Cass, Brother Silence from Dorkness Rising is smitten with a gamer girl who plays card games. He sets out to learn the game "9 Empires" to win the story tournament at GenCon and win a date with her. The card game did not really exist until after the movie came out. Life imitates art. Many funny scenes as Cass confronts the imposing members of the gaming group "The Legacy" who want the story players to go away so that cash prizes will become the norm.

Journey Quest: Season One - The Wizard Superfluous (or Perf) does not want to be an adventurer. He tries to flee the party at every opportunity. Every time he uses magic something bad happens. What happens when Perf, the least qualified member of the group, acquires the intelligent, talking, animated sword proving he is "the one"? Glorion the Paladin is particularly funny with his world view of death equals mercy.

Journey Quest: Season Two - Perf and the party continue their quest to set the land right. Perf continues to amaze with his ability to pervert any magic he attempts to cast. The sword continually teases Perf and attempts to get him killed so that he can be free. Bonus of big Bob Sapp as the barbarian king!

The Gamers: Natural One - A brother tests his sister's boyfriend to see if he is husband material. The test is a Shadowrun with the best game master in Canada. Mr Johnson gets the same treatment that fantasy rpgs and card games have received is this short series.

The Gamers: Humans and Households -The gamers are now the fantasy party. The Wizard plays an Activist, the Cleric plays a Nurse, The Fighter plays an Athlete and the Rogue plays as a Hacker is the twisted version of the Gamers. A nice change of pace and interesting concept. Funny as always.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Well, darn

I should be blogging about Dungeonpocolypse part two, scheduled to happen last night. Instead I am sitting in my recliner where I have been most of the last 24 hours after tweaking my lower back. I wish I could say I hurt my back lifting downed tree limbs or putting my lawn mower away for the season. No, I hurt my back putting bacon I had cooked for my son in the warming drawer for when he woke up. I bent down to place a sandwich plate with two strips of bacon in the drawer and felt a sharp pain. The pain continued to build through most of the day and in the early afternoon I canceled the game. It really sucks getting older.

In any event I should be able to reschedule for a few weeks out and get the game rolling again. The worst part of this "injury" is that I cannot do much of anything like paint miniatures or craft dungeon terrain. Not to mention that it is a beautiful fall day in central Ohio and I have many chores to take care of outside.

I have been debating with myself about which RPG system I will use going forward (after I finish my current campaign). I have been very partial to Pathfinder since WOTC created the atrocity that was 4th edition but the new Dungeons and Dragons Next has really impressed me. The books are beautifully illustrated and well organized. The rules for DnD Next are what 4th should have been; streamlined, familiar and emphasizing role-playing. Spells and spell books are back as are true healing spells (Clerics in 4th allowed the target to spend a Healing surge for when they cast a spell). Next has added a few other innovations including the level scaling of spells like cure, fireball and lightning bolt. The free pdf version covers the rules and 4 basic classes.

Pathfinder, on the other hand, is only very much like its predecessor DnD 3.5. The concepts are adjusted from 3.5 but the basic rules are very much the same. So much so that the entire library of 3.5 and open GL books are very much compatible with the rule set. Where DnD Next has a free basic rules pdf Pathfinder has a free rules website that contains all the classes and many of the monsters. The Pathfinder SRD also contains modified and home brew content.

Both systems are well supported with supplements (Pathfinder has a huge head start) and miniatures. The DnD next miniatures with their flying dragons are really special but are interchangeable between systems. Tough choices....any thoughts? 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More Geek Movies

A word of warning. These are movies I find entertaining for their geeky content. Some may find them cheesy or just plain bad. I am sorry if these recommendations fall into those categories for you. Remember that these movies are off the beaten path for a reason. 

John Dies at the End - A psycho-active substance allows people to see other dimensional beings so they can fight an "infection" from across the rifts of time and space. Lots of cool geeky moments and parts played by "that guy" including Paul Giamatti. Not for kids due to lots of language and nudity.

Odd Thomas - Odd is his name. He can see and sense things which allow him to solve crimes. There is a large spiritual storm brewing and Odd is the only one who can figure it out.

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec. Adele goes to Egypt to bring back the mummy of the surgeon of Ramses to cure her sister. Then the pterodactyl causes issues for her scientific ally and mentor.

Journey to the West - Two demon hunters try to solve murders and destroy and imprison demons in ancient China. The Monkey King turns out to be more than they bargained for.

Solomon Kane - Based on  Robert E. Howard's 2nd most famous character. Solomon roams the land looking for redemption while vanquishing demons.

Man of Tai Chi - The hero is the world's greatest martial artist until an underground fight promoter turns him into a killing machine. The movie steams along until the final battle with Keanu Reeves. Yes, really.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Nerd Movies

So, you say you'd like to watch a movie but you are tired of the mainstream fare. Then this is the list for you. All of the movies on this list are currently on Netflix. None of them are mainstream.

Dragonfyre - The Gateways  between the 9 worlds need guardians. The guardian of a major gateway to Earth is known as a great wizard. He's really just armed to the teeth. Elves, Orcs and Dragons meet superior firepower in this low budget Sci Fi/Fantasy mash-up. This movie has its moments of cheesy but it was made on the cheap. I would love to create a movie like this where the actions of the hero were controlled by gamers rather than scripted by film writers. 

Dororo -  A father trades the body of his son for demonic alliances and power. A Frankenstein like doctor creates a new body for the boy and he grows up to hunt the demons his father made a deal with. Every time he kills a demon he wins back a piece of his body. Bizarre fights using both live action and CGI. 

Bunraku - A comic book style adventure where two very different heroes team up to stop the evil town boss. The evil hench-bosses are numbered for easy score-keeping. All in a world that seems to be made of paper mache. Striking visuals and a cast you won't believe. 

War of the Worlds: Goliath -  Animated movie that is the spiritual sequel to the book War of the Worlds. In 1914 the Martian invasion is a recent memory, Nicola Tesla has broken the code of Martian technology and the earth defense force (ARES) led by Teddy Roosevelt are ready for the rematch. The movie does not wait long for that to come. Loaded with action start to finish this movie is great fun. 

13 Assassins - A brutal lord must be assassinated. An older samurai is chosen to carry out the task and gathers a force of 11 loyal men and a crazy demi-god to carry out the task. The movie is great fun from start to finish. 

The Host - A creature spawns after chemicals are dumped into the local river. One family gets caught up in a battle with creature while authorities have no idea what they are dealing with. There are some great CGI scenes depicting the creature mixed with live action humans. Very well done. 

Chocolate - A young autistic girl name Zen has an awesome talent. If she observes a martial art she is its master. Zen and her cousin embark on a quest to collect the receipts of her sick mother's loan shark book. They show up and at the addresses in the book and demand money and of course the bosses always send a horde of flunkies to dissuade them. Zen is more than happy to show them what she has observed! 

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Below is the entrance to the fortress of Menedon. It looks peaceful enough. I scratch built the facade from cardboard, card stock, clay and hot glue.The tiles are actual industrial grade floor tiles that I painted and added walls made from cardboard strips. The walls could be made taller but they do not impede play at all in their current form.

The five groups lead by  (left to right, below) Casey, Don, Greg, Terry and Phil (thanks guys!) are teleported to the fortress to find that there are creatures guarding the entrance. Fiendish TRex, bullettes and Trolls, oh my!

Fast forward a few rounds later and the groups have invaded the next tier of the dungeon (below). You can no longer find different groups, though Casey's group is still mostly together.

Just as the force thought they were done outside a "little" surprise pops up. Below part of Terry's force chips away at the purple worm. The hunter in the fore-ground of the picture was eventually consumed.

So, this is where we called it a night. There are about 1/3 of the way through the dungeon. Only one casualty on the player side so far and only a few of the higher level spells have been used. There are also many wounded characters some more than others. 

Here is the list of what has been killed so far:

2 Fiendish Trex
2 Troll Slashers
2 Bullette
1 Behir
3 Fiendish Girallon
1 Purple Worm
2 Goblin Underboss
Lareth the Beautiful
1 Drow Cleric of Lolth
2 Teifling Blademaster
2 Yuan-Ti Half-blood Sorcerer
Half Orc Executioner
King Obould Many Arrows
Bugbear Champion of Erthnel
Trogledyte Barbarian
Dark Moon Monk

We will try to schedule the next installment soon. I think it will go faster from now on because everyone is more familiar with what is going on now with the modified DnD Miniatures rules and I generally have fewer enemies from now on (really, hardly any, like one per room). In any case, there will be more pictures to come. If you participated and have better pictures you can send them to me or post them in the comments.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Been building

I am building a dungeon. Not a real dungeon but a Dungeons and Dragons dungeon.

I wanted to build something huge so this dungeon is 64,000 square feet in scale; in real size it is 36 inches wide by 72 inches long. The base is made of industrial floor tile which I found at a local flooring store for 88 cents a tile. The tile is a composite material that is already gray like stone. My original idea was to attach the 2.5D walls (ala DMScotty) using hot glue but I soon discovered that the hot glue would not stick to the tile. So, good old white glue was employed.

I used a combination of dry brushing, sponge painting and inks to give the dungeon the "lived in" look. During the construction I learned new ways that might have made the whole thing look better but I am going to run the game I had planned for them. I will post some pictures after next weekend's game.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dungeons and Dragons Basic

It's here. The Dungeons and Dragons free Basic rule set. If you ever have played you should go download and read it. I have put the link below.

A few major changes to report from the last edition taken from one lunch time's reading. Healing Surges are gone and normal Clerical healing is back. In fact, all spell casting is back. The major difference there is that many spells have been condensed. Cure Wounds replaces the entire Cure series in 3.X. If memorized as a 1st level it cures 1-8 plus level and if memorized as a 2nd level spell then its 2-18 plus level and so on.

Gone are the old school minuses for wearing armor. Now if a character is trying to perform stealth maneuvers while wearing plate he is at a Disadvantage. This means he rolls 2D20 and uses the least favorable.

Characters can also have an Advantage. It works in the opposite manner. You roll 2D20 and select the better roll. I want that for attack rolls.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wizards of the Coast Starts the Sorry Tour

How exactly do you say your sorry for releasing a game system that was a huge risk? One that you justified by promising online play and easier access to new players. One that seemed to be making all o the character classes similar and forcing the use of miniatures or tokens. This is reality of the task Wizards of the Coast has with the release of the new Dungeons and Dragons edition (FKA 5th Edition)

WOTC is hoping that 5th Edition is the answer to that question. It is a little over a month away from the release date but this has been the edition where most of the surprises have already been revealed. The public play test of what is now to be called simply "Dungeons & Dragons" lasted well over a year. To get the play test materials all you had to do was ask. The answer to what is it like is simply that it is much closer to 3rd edition than 4th. It looks like they have removed all the MMOG power structure and returned D&D to its roots.

Now that Pathfinder has established itself as the main fantasy RPG how do you get players to even look at your new D&D rules? How about making them free? Yes, that's right the basic rules for D&D will be a free PDF download. Essentially WOTC wants to woo you back to the fold and a free copy of the rules as their gateway.

The other item that 4th edition was lacking in was third party support. The open licensing for 3.x editions and later Pathfinder ensured that many companies contributed material to the library of adventures and settings. The new edition is rumored to be working with third party designers right now to release non-official but authorized content for the new game. 

OK, so, root style play, free rules and third party support but that only gets us back to where we were before 4th edition. How about a spiffy new battle game based on the flight path mechanics of the Attack Wing games from WizKids? That's right Dungeons & Dragons: Attack Wing will be released within the year. It will add ground units to the Attack Wing system and dragons can move between the ground and the sky. It looks great and the dragon miniatures look like they'll be in 25 mm scale as will the other troops available.

Am I going back? I don't know for sure. I have leafed through the play test materials and pre-ordered the initial three books. I saw the Attack Wing game being played at Origins and I must say it looks very cool. But Pathfinder has become the new best friend when you old friend moved away. If he moves back you will always wonder if they'll move away again. The new D&D will have to go a ways to make up for its past misdeeds. As a game 4th edition was not bad, just not D&D. If they would have called Forgotten Realms Tactics or something like that they would have sold some new material while cultivating their existing audience. 

Here is the link where WOTC talks about free Basic D&D

Monday, June 16, 2014

Origins 2014 Reactions

What can I say? I had a good time. I met some cool people including DM Scotty. The official line from GAMA is that attendance was up this year. I think there were more people there Thursday and Friday which were both dead days last year but Saturday did not really feel crowded to me. 

Please fix on-site registration. This had been a mess every year since the convention has been in Columbus. There was a picture, posted on Facebook, of the line to register on Saturday that one person claimed as proof of the success of the convention but I saw it as a failure in customer service. The line at the BMV in Ohio moves faster than the Origins line. Ohio is ranked #1 in customer experience but there is a lot more to issuing license plates or a driver's license than printing a badge to enter Origins. Other conventions have figured out how to take registration payments online after pre-registration so why can't Origins? At a Wizard World Con I was able to buy my tickets with my phone while in line and then move to the pre-registration pick up line.

Restore the vendor hall. The entire vendor hall seemed sparse this year. There were only one or two no-shows but the lack of independent miniature vendors and the large discount retailers made the hall feel empty. Moving some of the board game vendors to the board game hall was not a bad idea but I think many may have missed the memo. The companies I noticed the absence of were Chimera Hobby, Pulp Miniatures, Covert /Slugathon Gamers, Cardhaus and Looney Labs. I spent lots less in the vendor hall this year as compared to years past.

Help the GMs. Give them a count after registration closes for each event they are running. They should not have to ask for it. I waited with one poor GM Friday morning with a generic in hand hoping the at least two more players would show so that we could play his game. He like many of the others had no clue how many people had signed up for his game. Another great addition would be an online scheduling system that runs after pre-registration ends until the convention ends so that you don't have to wait in line to find out if  a game you want to play is sold out or worse show up for a game with a generic to find out it is sold out (or over booked!) These are problems that have been around a while and are relatively easy to fix.

Better Signs and/or Information. Where was Artemis? Geek Chic? Stronghold Games? WizKids?

I know GAMA/Origins has no control over the Greater Columbus Convention Center but it was not great that at least one of the snack areas was cash only. The Java City was able to take credit but not the snack vendor next to BattleTech. What gives? They had signs saying "cash only, sorry for the inconvenience" and thanks to a few cash only vendors <cough> Star Realms <cough> I was short on cash a couple of days and could not get my kettle corn and cotton candy fix.

Overall not a bad show. A little disappointing but I will hope that there are changes for the better next year.

Origins Show FAQ

What was the favorite game you played?
Fantasy Quest - Miniature Skirmish Rules

So, What did you buy?
Mice and Mystics with expansion set
Call of Catthulu RPG
Get Lucky (Kill Dr. Lucky card game)
2 Dystopia Rising Splat books
My son Nick bought Star Realms

What did you almost buy?
Myth by Merc Games
Dragon Head Trophy by David Lee Pancake

What did you want to buy but could not find?
WizKids Godzilla Figures
Formula E by Clever Mojo Games (Elephant Racing!)

What new product looks promising?
WizKids new Dragon Combat game licensed from Wizards of the Coast

What was the strangest vendor in the hall?
Vendor selling oysters each guaranteed to have a pearl 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Origins 2014

So, Origins is this week. Once again I am excited but I hope that GAMA has not painted themselves into a corner leading to the end of the convention or moving it to another city.

One issue that comes up every year is how long it takes to get everything related to the convention up and running. Events registration is always started within 6 weeks of the convention and details for the GMs for the events don't get released until the last minute. Contrast this with GenCon where the events are published months out and registration information (and even badges) are mailed out well in advance of the show. I will show up on Thursday morning wait in line and hope that the badge and events I signed up and paid for just over a week ago are waiting for me.

I stopped going to the convention several years ago. I got tired of the crush of time and never being able to sign up for the events I wanted as well as the shrinking number of vendors that seemed to show up. When a good chunk of the vendor area was taken up by the Mystery Van promoting the new Scooby Doo collectible card game I thought it was time for a break. What brought me back to Origins was something called the Fair Day Pass. A five dollar a day admission that gave you access to the vendor area and open areas of the convention with a family version that was 15 dollars.

The Fair Day Pass was available for several years but last year it was only usable on Saturday. This year GAMA has not eliminated the pass but raised the price to 20 dollars and is offering a Family Day Pass for Sunday at the cost of 15 dollars. Sunday is usually the slowest day of the convention so I am sure this is a move to bolster attendance on that day but I believe that eliminating the single version of the pass is a mistake. Now the absolute cheapest single day admission is 20 dollars. I always thought the five dollar pass was great because it brought people into the vendor hall to spend money who would not have come to the convention otherwise. Columbus is full of poor college students who would love to come spend a day at the convention but won't do if the price is high. And did I mention this year the Sunday of the convention falls on Father's Day? 

The last item to my rant goes out to the game masters who put their time and effort into making Origins great. I will not say anything that questions their commitment to this event. My problem is that the event times seem to be getting longer every year and some events seem only half ready when you get there. If you are a game master with a 4 hour slot for a RPG or miniatures please have characters and forces ready at the appointed start time.As an example, I signed up for a learn Aces and Eights rpg session a few years ago  and what we did was roll up characters for three and a half hours and run part of a bar room fight encounter. I have had other friends show up for RPG events where they are asked to roll up characters as quickly as possible but the GM does not have any character sheets and one copy of the rule book. I don't like to quit events but these are the kinds of things that drive me away from game sessions. Board games can be bad about this as well. The gamers are all seated around an empty table at the appointed time and the organizer shows up a few minutes late with the game under his arm.

Why do you go then Cap'n Grumpy? I go because there are bargains. I go because I like seeing the new innovations coming out in the industry. I go because I have formed friendships over the years with vendors and game designers. I go because there are always some games and accessories that are not available anywhere else. I go because I am never sure that GAMA will be able to pull it all together again next year.

Origins has had a great run in Columbus but there have been rumblings for years that maybe they should explore moving back to Baltimore or Philadelphia. That would make me sad but I would probably just spend my money on going to GenCon. I don't like that convention as well but three hours is not that long of a drive.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Build your own: Gelatinous Cube

This was a fun little project that took less than an hour. All you need is a transparency sheet, a straight edge, a sharp knife and glue gun. If you don't know what the heck this creature is check out this page:

Essentially you simply create a plus sign using two inch squares from the transparency sheet. Then score the top edges to allow the sides to fold down. At this point I used the glue gun to add texture to the sides of the cube. Then carefully glue the sides together using more hot glue. I used a little more hot glue on the inside of the corners to shore up the joins and that's it.

There is a youtube channel called theDMScraft starring DM Scotty where you can watch step by step how to build your own Gelatinous Cube

Larry the Orc Pirate thinks his new flintlock will stop the cube.

Larry was wrong!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Basketball (Basket-brawl) GM Campaign Tool

So you want to create your own tournament for your D&D campaign. I have used this technique for years, mostly to amuse myself, but now your characters can feed their gambling addictions. Essentially the game results are a mini-game using the rolls of a handful of dice to produce the final score. You can use dice and most of us are looking for excuses to use more dice or I have created a spreadsheet that generates game results instantly.

Its easy to fit such a game into any campaign. Most large cities (even fantasy ones) can (or already do) support some kind of gaming contests. I like the basketball or basket-brawl idea because the dice create very convincing scores. The dice can be rolled behind the screen or out in the open allowing games to be played out real time and fortunes to be lost or won by the characters.

The core mechanic of the game is that there are six six-sided dice rolled per team, per half. Ideally, each die should be a different color as they represent the positions on a basketball team; guard, guard, forward, forward, center and bench. Rolled with no modifiers this will produce results that are not biased towards either team. 

In order to add something which makes one team more attractive or a higher seed in a tournament the following special abilities can be added into the teams.

Each team has 1 or 2 special abilities

3 Point barrage (x3 score for highest die score)

Twin Towers (Two Centers instead of two forwards at d10 each)

Stifling Defense (opponents -d10 per half)

Fast Breaks (+50% score for guards)

Superstar - position (x3 score for that die, d10)

Star Player - position (x2 score for that die, d8)

Strong Bench (x2 bench scoring)

Veteran Player (upgrade die by 1 level)

Master Coach (extra d8 in points, attributed to highest die for stats)

A total of 6 dice are rolled for each team per half. Each die represents one player. The dice are added and special abilities are calculated resulting in the half score per team. The dice are rolled a second time and the two results are added together for the final score.

Looking back on the original teams presented in my tourney:

Adventurer's Guild (Superstar Center, Stifling Defense) 
Pure Magic (Fast Breaks, Star Guard)
Gold Coins (Superstar Guard) 
Mongrel Maniacs (3 point Barrage) 
Secrets (Master Coach, Star Center) 
Open Hands (Strong Bench, Veteran Guard)
Guards (Twin Towers, Star Forward) 
Chili's Cohort (Star Guard, Veteran Center) 

I set up these teams based on guilds in my home brewed setting. The results can used to start an adventure because some NPC friend of the party bet too much money on the big game. I can share my Excel spreadsheet for quickly generating results if anyone is interested.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Finals

Adventurer's Guild (1) vs Mongrel Maniacs (7)

The Guild started strong and amassed a 19 point lead by halftime. Dwight Minotaur scored 30 first half points and it looked like the Maniacs were going to get run out of the gym. The Maniacs kept plugging and Dwight Minotaur could not seem to put the ball in the basket and they were right back in it. The Goose Goblin three point miss at the buzzer sealed their fate as the Adventurer's Guild holds on to win the championship.

Adventurer's Guild Mongrel Maniacs
Guard 2 3 Guard 2 1
Guard 4 3 Guard 6 4
Forward 6 1 Forward 2 6
Forward 6 2 Forward 4 6
Center 30 3 Center 2 6
Bench 3 4 Bench 5 5
Adjustments 0 0 Adjustments 11 5
Total 51 16 67 Total 32 33 65

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Round 2 Results

Game 1
Adventurer's Guild (1) vs Secrets (3)

The Secrets jumped out to a huge lead in the first half but Dwight Minotaur was just too much in the second half for the Secrets. He scored 30 of his 33 points in the 2nd half as the Adventurer's Guild moves on to the finals.

Adventurer's Guild Secrets
Guard 5 5 Guard 4 5
Guard 1 5 Guard 6 3
Forward 5 2 Forward 6 2
Forward 2 2 Forward 3 3
Center 3 30 Center 10 8
Bench 1 4 Bench 1 3
Adjustments 0 0 Adjustments 3 -2
Total 17 48 65 Total 33 22 55

Game 2
Chili's Cohorts (5) vs Mongrel Maniacs (7)

The Maniacs continue to surprise as they come from behind to beat the Cohorts. The relentless bombing from 3 point range once again proved to be the difference as they move into the finals against the Guild.

Chili's Cohorts Mongrel Maniacs
Guard 16 6 Guard 4 2
Guard 3 2 Guard 4 4
Forward 6 5 Forward 5 6
Forward 1 2 Forward 3 1
Center 7 4 Center 4 4
Bench 4 5 Bench 2 3
Adjustments 0 0 Adjustments 10 12
Total 37 24 61 Total 32 32 64

Friday, April 4, 2014

Round 1 Results

Game 1

City Guards (4) vs Chili's Cohorts (5)

The Guards deploy two monstrous centers along with their star forward. The Guards love to score inside. The Cohorts will attempt to counter with their star guard and veteran center. 

City Guards
Chili's Cohorts
Guard 4 6 Guard 16 16
Guard 1 5 Guard 5 3
Forward 8 16 Forward 1 6
Center 8 7 Forward 6 6
Center 4 4 Center 2 6
Bench 1 6 Bench 2 4
Adjustments 0 0 Adjustments 0 0
Total 26 44 70 Total 32 41 73

We have a minor upset right at the start. The Cohorts ran out to a first half lead 32-26 lead by guard Rock Nash while star City Guard forward Twang McDowt  managed only 8 points. The Guards mounted a furious comeback in the second have that was matched by the Cohorts as they held on  for the victory and move on to the second round.The Cohorts await the victor of Game 3 between the Gold Coins and the Mongrel Maniacs.

Game 2

Adventurer's Guild (1) vs Pure Magic (8)

The Adventurer's Guild employ a stifling defense and a superstar center Dwight Minotaur. Pure Magic uses the combination of the star guard Linn the Gnome and a furious fast break.

Adventurer's Guild Pure Magic
Guard 4 2 Guard 3 6
Guard 5 4 Guard 16 8
Forward 2 4 Forward 6 2
Forward 2 4 Forward 1 4
Center 9 27 Center 2 6
Bench 1 6 Bench 1 4
Adjustments 0 0 Adjustments 0 2
Total 23 47 70 Total 29 32 61

No Upset here. The Magic took a 6 point lead into halftime 29-23 but Dwight poured in 27 second half points and the defense continued to keep the fast break in check. The number one seed Guild move on into the next round. The Guild will face the winner of Game 4 between the Secrets and Open Hands.

Game 3

Gold Coins (2) vs Mongrel Maniacs (7)

The Gold Coins will pit their superstar guard Hank Glitters against the three point barrage of the Mongrel Maniacs.

Gold Coins
Mongrel Maniacs
Guard 9 21 Guard 3 1
Guard 1 1 Guard 3 4
Forward 2 4 Forward 6 2
Forward 2 4 Forward 5 6
Center 4 5 Center 3 3
Bench 1 1 Bench 5 6
Adjustments Adjustments 12 12
Total 19 36 55 Total 37 34 71
The Maniacs were a team possessed today as they rained three pointers all afternoon. The game was never close despite the 30 points scored by Glitters. The Maniacs move on to face the Cohorts in the second round.

Game 4
Secrets (3) vs Open Hands (6)

Master coach Phil Juju and star ogre center Shack Shaker take on the solid bench and veteran guard Reggie Mueller from the Open Hands.

Open Hands
Guard 2 4 Guard 8 6
Guard 2 4 Guard 1 5
Forward 4 2 Forward 6 2
Forward 5 2 Forward 6 6
Center 12 16 Center 6 5
Bench 3 4 Bench 10 2
Adjustments 6 5 Adjustments 0 0
Total 34 37 71 Total 37 26 63
Reggie and the Bench lead the way in the first half and it appeared there might be another first round upset but Shack scored 28 and Phil had other ideas as the Secrets came from behind to win and advance.