Monday, September 1, 2014

Been building

I am building a dungeon. Not a real dungeon but a Dungeons and Dragons dungeon.

I wanted to build something huge so this dungeon is 64,000 square feet in scale; in real size it is 36 inches wide by 72 inches long. The base is made of industrial floor tile which I found at a local flooring store for 88 cents a tile. The tile is a composite material that is already gray like stone. My original idea was to attach the 2.5D walls (ala DMScotty) using hot glue but I soon discovered that the hot glue would not stick to the tile. So, good old white glue was employed.

I used a combination of dry brushing, sponge painting and inks to give the dungeon the "lived in" look. During the construction I learned new ways that might have made the whole thing look better but I am going to run the game I had planned for them. I will post some pictures after next weekend's game.

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