Thursday, September 18, 2014

Nerd Movies

So, you say you'd like to watch a movie but you are tired of the mainstream fare. Then this is the list for you. All of the movies on this list are currently on Netflix. None of them are mainstream.

Dragonfyre - The Gateways  between the 9 worlds need guardians. The guardian of a major gateway to Earth is known as a great wizard. He's really just armed to the teeth. Elves, Orcs and Dragons meet superior firepower in this low budget Sci Fi/Fantasy mash-up. This movie has its moments of cheesy but it was made on the cheap. I would love to create a movie like this where the actions of the hero were controlled by gamers rather than scripted by film writers. 

Dororo -  A father trades the body of his son for demonic alliances and power. A Frankenstein like doctor creates a new body for the boy and he grows up to hunt the demons his father made a deal with. Every time he kills a demon he wins back a piece of his body. Bizarre fights using both live action and CGI. 

Bunraku - A comic book style adventure where two very different heroes team up to stop the evil town boss. The evil hench-bosses are numbered for easy score-keeping. All in a world that seems to be made of paper mache. Striking visuals and a cast you won't believe. 

War of the Worlds: Goliath -  Animated movie that is the spiritual sequel to the book War of the Worlds. In 1914 the Martian invasion is a recent memory, Nicola Tesla has broken the code of Martian technology and the earth defense force (ARES) led by Teddy Roosevelt are ready for the rematch. The movie does not wait long for that to come. Loaded with action start to finish this movie is great fun. 

13 Assassins - A brutal lord must be assassinated. An older samurai is chosen to carry out the task and gathers a force of 11 loyal men and a crazy demi-god to carry out the task. The movie is great fun from start to finish. 

The Host - A creature spawns after chemicals are dumped into the local river. One family gets caught up in a battle with creature while authorities have no idea what they are dealing with. There are some great CGI scenes depicting the creature mixed with live action humans. Very well done. 

Chocolate - A young autistic girl name Zen has an awesome talent. If she observes a martial art she is its master. Zen and her cousin embark on a quest to collect the receipts of her sick mother's loan shark book. They show up and at the addresses in the book and demand money and of course the bosses always send a horde of flunkies to dissuade them. Zen is more than happy to show them what she has observed! 

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