Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Frostgrave warband

I have become obsessed with Frostgrave. FG is a skirmish wargame produced by long time book publisher Osprey. In the game your wizard explores the ruins on an ancient city with his warband looking for treasures. I have not played the game yet but I creating a warband anyway.
I have chosen miniatures for the wizard and apprentice but I have not started painting them yet. I like the spells listed for the Enchanter type wizard but they are not as flashy as the Elementalists or Summoners.


Dungeon Saga painting progress

Not a lot to say except that Dungeon Saga is a great game and worthy of taking the time to paint the miniatures. I am still getting used to my new Twone Light Box so some of these are still not quite right. On the monsters and characters I am painting the front edge of the base white so that it is obvious during game sessions what direction the mini is facing. 
Special ghost ...too close to the front of the light box
Steel grated door
Brass bound door
Zombie troll, large figure
Skeletal warrior
Furniture...could not get the warp out of the table.
Skeletal archer
Normal dungeon door
Barred large door
Zombie with scale ruler: each line is appox 1 inch
Standard ghost