Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dungeons and Dragons Basic

It's here. The Dungeons and Dragons free Basic rule set. If you ever have played you should go download and read it. I have put the link below.

A few major changes to report from the last edition taken from one lunch time's reading. Healing Surges are gone and normal Clerical healing is back. In fact, all spell casting is back. The major difference there is that many spells have been condensed. Cure Wounds replaces the entire Cure series in 3.X. If memorized as a 1st level it cures 1-8 plus level and if memorized as a 2nd level spell then its 2-18 plus level and so on.

Gone are the old school minuses for wearing armor. Now if a character is trying to perform stealth maneuvers while wearing plate he is at a Disadvantage. This means he rolls 2D20 and uses the least favorable.

Characters can also have an Advantage. It works in the opposite manner. You roll 2D20 and select the better roll. I want that for attack rolls.