Sunday, September 7, 2014


Below is the entrance to the fortress of Menedon. It looks peaceful enough. I scratch built the facade from cardboard, card stock, clay and hot glue.The tiles are actual industrial grade floor tiles that I painted and added walls made from cardboard strips. The walls could be made taller but they do not impede play at all in their current form.

The five groups lead by  (left to right, below) Casey, Don, Greg, Terry and Phil (thanks guys!) are teleported to the fortress to find that there are creatures guarding the entrance. Fiendish TRex, bullettes and Trolls, oh my!

Fast forward a few rounds later and the groups have invaded the next tier of the dungeon (below). You can no longer find different groups, though Casey's group is still mostly together.

Just as the force thought they were done outside a "little" surprise pops up. Below part of Terry's force chips away at the purple worm. The hunter in the fore-ground of the picture was eventually consumed.

So, this is where we called it a night. There are about 1/3 of the way through the dungeon. Only one casualty on the player side so far and only a few of the higher level spells have been used. There are also many wounded characters some more than others. 

Here is the list of what has been killed so far:

2 Fiendish Trex
2 Troll Slashers
2 Bullette
1 Behir
3 Fiendish Girallon
1 Purple Worm
2 Goblin Underboss
Lareth the Beautiful
1 Drow Cleric of Lolth
2 Teifling Blademaster
2 Yuan-Ti Half-blood Sorcerer
Half Orc Executioner
King Obould Many Arrows
Bugbear Champion of Erthnel
Trogledyte Barbarian
Dark Moon Monk

We will try to schedule the next installment soon. I think it will go faster from now on because everyone is more familiar with what is going on now with the modified DnD Miniatures rules and I generally have fewer enemies from now on (really, hardly any, like one per room). In any case, there will be more pictures to come. If you participated and have better pictures you can send them to me or post them in the comments.

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