Sunday, December 27, 2015

Dungeon Saga

I received the game Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King's Quest for Christmas this year. The game is the spiritual successor to Hero Quest. The base game comes boxed in what appears to be a large slipcase story book containing dungeon tiles, miniatures, dice, character cards and rules. It is intended for 2 to 5 players.

The game is well packaged and delivers with over 50 plastic miniatures of heroes, monsters and dungeon dressing. The card-stock components are thick, detailed and well made. The only knock I can make is that the box is a little small one the components have been punched out and no longer stack as easily.

The miniatures are well detailed and are scaled a little smaller than the average RPG line of figures. I would guess they are about a 20 MM scale. They seem to fit nicely one the board and only required a little care to re-glue a handful of feet back to bases and heat and re-position a few figures. They all re-positioned easily using only hot tap water to soften and then cold tap water to reset in the desired pose. I really want to dive right in and start painting them but I want to play a few round first to make sure I enjoy the game-play.

At the time of this game's release there are a host of add-ons available. They reality is that only one of the adds is really new to the game (Legendary Heroes), the rest are extra copies of the game components included in the original game. These would surely be of great benefit to anyone creating custom content for the game. The Legendary Heroes are the leveled up, heroic versions of the characters included in the game.  There are true expansions on the way.

Overall I have a good feeling about this game. The combat uses only regular six sided dice so everyone can get more to boost the number of dice for the players. The included clips for the dungeon tiles will help to prevent board disasters and the plastic doors, chests and furniture will add a nice visual element to the game.