Friday, May 9, 2014

Build your own: Gelatinous Cube

This was a fun little project that took less than an hour. All you need is a transparency sheet, a straight edge, a sharp knife and glue gun. If you don't know what the heck this creature is check out this page:

Essentially you simply create a plus sign using two inch squares from the transparency sheet. Then score the top edges to allow the sides to fold down. At this point I used the glue gun to add texture to the sides of the cube. Then carefully glue the sides together using more hot glue. I used a little more hot glue on the inside of the corners to shore up the joins and that's it.

There is a youtube channel called theDMScraft starring DM Scotty where you can watch step by step how to build your own Gelatinous Cube

Larry the Orc Pirate thinks his new flintlock will stop the cube.

Larry was wrong!

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