Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Where is my Stuff?

A little over a week ago we moved. I think the distance from one house to the other was about two miles. I still can't find anything. I know its all here..somewhere.

Every time I move it occurs to me I have too much stuff. I probably have 100 hardcover DnD books and that's just the start. Board games, miniatures, modules, RPGs and few hundred dice does not sound like much until you go to pack and move it.

I find myself wanting to sell or otherwise remove the burden from my possession. I often wonder if this kind of situation is how the Columbus Area Board-gaming Society was formed. Really the perfect scenario as all of the games you had are still available to you but they are more likely to be played. Best of all storage of these games is paid for by everyone else.

Okay, while I contemplate what to do with my collection here is a nice picture of out the back of my house taken this morning about about 7:10 AM.

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