Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Reaper Bones

Last year I participated in the Kickstarter for Reaper Miniatures Bones.  There is a picture of the loot at the bottom of this post. I have so many miniatures to paint that it is like having a miniatures store in my basement. There are fantasy, space, horror and modern figures so choosing what to paint is the biggest issue. 

I have uploaded the images for the figures I have finished so far. I am also very close to finishing the large Cthulhu figure that was a Bones add on for Kickstarter.
A Mimic, ready to devour the greedy rogue.
A Bugbear champion, ready to give some adventurers a bad day.
Zombie killer with her trusty chainsaw. I created a custom character for her in Zombicide.
Superfly, well at least that's what I named his custom Zombicide character.
So many figures. It is almost too many...I know there are never too many.

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