Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dungeonpocolypse part 3

Last night was part three of the Dungeonpocolyse game. The party started where they left off a few months ago. So, with great enthusiasm they opened the door to the next room and waited to see what was next.

The Undead

The first room of the night contained undead nightmares. The Death Priest of Orcus was an unwelcome surprise but the teams were able to push through.

Old King Coal

King Snurre and  an Erinyes demon awaited them in the next room. The group finally overcame the fire giants and their allies. No one felt her was a jolly old soul.

The Balor

Not much to say about this room. The Balor gave and took a pounding before the group advanced.

The Marilth

There is something about a six armed snake demon that gets the party excited. Multiple disintegrate spells later she was down. The Vrock in this room did not last much longer.

Monsters killed
Aspect of Nerull
Boneclaw Impaler
Death Priest of Orcus
Terror Wight (x2)
King Snurre
Fire Giant Raider
Orc Mauler (x3)
Tanarack (x2)
Half-fiend Ogre
Blood Hulk Fighter
Githyanki Fighter
Ogre Skirmisher (x3)

The bottom line is that the group did not finish. They had only two tiles left to explore but it was getting late. So far the it has taken 15 hours to get through 16 tiles.

The Party prepares to face the undead.

 The Allies muster in front of the doorway.

The battle rages. The Aspect of Nerull holds the forces of good at the door.
 The battle continues....
 King Snurre and his forces.
 The Marilith is already gone. The ogres try to hold the line.

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