Saturday, March 14, 2015

Dungeonpocolypse lessons learned

The forces of good were overwhelming. Each person controlling a party of six miniatures was too much. Even though there were casualties along the way there is still enough power left to make the last two tiles a forgone conclusion.

The old school pace of the dungeon allow the party time to regroup and heal between doors. This kept them marching forward altogether as an unstoppable juggernaut. Next time have the doors to the next area open at the most inopportune time bringing evil in before they are ready.

The last point would be to add more pathways to the adventure. The way I designed this dungeon there was essentially only one way through it made things easy to keep track of for me but predictable for the group.

Take a look at the list below of everything they have killed so far.

2 Fiendish Trex
2 Troll Slashers
2 Bullette
1 Behir
3 Fiendish Girallon
1 Purple Worm
2 Goblin Underboss
Lareth the Beautiful
1 Drow Cleric of Lolth
2 Teifling Blademaster
2 Yuan-Ti Half-blood Sorcerer
Half Orc Executioner
King Obould Many Arrows
Bugbear Champion of Erthnel
Trogledyte Barbarian
Dark Moon Monk
5 Flame Skulls
6 Hobgoblin Archers
5 Hobgoblin Sargents
1 Demonic Gnoll Archer
1 Clay Golem
2 Stone Golems
2 Berserk Flesh Golems
1 Iron Golem
1 Blood Ghost Berserker
1 Cleric of Lagozed
1 Drow Guard
2 Drider Sorcerers
2 Formorian Giants
4 Feral Minotaurs
1 Beholder
Aspect of Nerull
Boneclaw Impaler
Death Priest of Orcus
2 Terror Wights
King Snurre
Fire Giant Raider
3 Orc Maulers
2 Tanarack
Half-fiend Ogre
Blood Hulk Fighter
Githyanki Fighter
3 Ogre Skirmisher

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