Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Gaming and Nerd Related Stuff on Youtube

This time I am going to reveal some fun web series on youtube. These are mostly gaming related but some of these channels are just for fun.

The DM's Craft, DM Scotty
He specializes in DnD terrain using the 2.5D method of construction. His finished pieces look cool and add a lot to the table when playing games with miniatures. The early videos are in the 20 minute range but his later videos are much shorter because he does not explain the same techniques he used in earlier installments.

Tabletop Minions, Atom Smasher
Generally a short ten minute show about miniatures, painting, games and introducing new people to the hobby. He does rant occasionally but they are very sedate compared to other gaming related sites. He rants in one video about how Games Workshop must not like money because they refuse to sell certain gateway games like Space Hulk even though there seems to be huge demand.

Miniature Mash Up, Dave O'Garra
Dave takes all kinds of toys and miniatures and mashes them together to make monsters, terrain and other gaming set pieces....all on the cheap.  Your will probably have mixed reactions to his videos as a whole. In one he will construct a really cool altar and in the next a cheesy looking chimera. Always entertaining and chock full of good ideas.

kumelyun, Andrew Babb
Flash animations converted to video of Knights of the Dinner Table stories. Once upon a time this guy had a website where he displayed his latest Flash creation every week or so. Then, one day, he received a cease and desist letter from the folks that own Knights of the Dinner Table asking him not to make any more videos. He kept his promise as these are the videos he created before that letter.

Watch It Played, Rodney Smith
Great series of videos of Rodney and his kids playing all manner of board games. Are you wondering how to play the newest game craze? Do you want to get a look at how something plays and what components are included and look like? This is the channel for you. Rodney also produced a quick start video for Mice and Mystic that gives you the essentials to play without reading the rules.

Geek and Sundry, Felicia Day et al
Felica and Will Wheaton started this channel a few years ago. In Tabletop Will plays boardgames with nerdy celebrities. In Cooptitude  Felicia plays old console games with her brother. All of the videos are well produced and all are entertaining. There are also some how to pimp your board game videos and painting tutorials.

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment
The Gamers, Humans and Households and Journeyquest. Based off Dead Gentlemen Productions this channel has the full movies for the Gamers series plus tons of other sketch videos. This is also the home of the JourneyQuest web show. Any time I am having a rough day I switch to this channel.

Awkward Spaceship, ensemble
This is a channel filled with nerdy sketch videos. The best one is called "The Bake Sale" (yum sprinkles!). This group may not be as well know as ZOE but they have some really creative ideas.

WatchMojo, ensemble

Top 10 videos on usually nerdy topics. These videos are 7 to 10 minutes long and cover movies, TV and comics. Top 10 Spiderman villains anyone?

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